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Dear customers,
Nowadays, the idea that we need to use water responsibly, even in small circuits, is a matter of course.
Rainwater and waste water systems have become normal for private homes. For 20 years, we at REWATEC have committed ourselves to exactly this idea and are proud to say that our innovative products have had a major influence on the latest technology currently available. With new ideas for high-quality, easy to install containers such as our flat tanks, and user-friendly solutions such as our SOLIDO wastewater treatment capsules, we make decentralized water technology simpler and more convenient for you. At REWATEC, our customers are our primary focus – we develop our products based on your needs. Our products’ excellent price/performance ratio is the key to their success. We ensure that all of our products are of the highest quality because we manufacture all of our systems ourselves at ROTA, our manufacturing subsidiary in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, Germany. This makes REWATEC the largest manufacturer of PE rainwater and waste water tanks that only produces within Germany. Make the decision to purchase a REWATEC system and do your part for our society and for our environment!





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