Drinking water tank


  • suitable for drinking water, eco-friendly PE-plastic
  • made according to KTW standards and DVGW guideline W270
  • Underground tank that is simple to install
  • 25 year guarentee

Drinking water tank: the eco-friendly drinking water specialist for underground installation


1. tank cover (ordered separately)
2. screw cover (included in delivery)
3. shaft extension if needed (ordered separately)
4. connection set made of 2” (included in delivery)


With our drinking water underground tanks you are on the safe side in the long term: the tank material is polyethylene (PE) which is suitable for drinking water and which, thanks to its elastic properties (200% breaking strain) can withstand major pressure. Thanks to its monolithic construction method (made in one piece) settling cracks and water loss due to penetrating roots can be ruled out. That’s why our tanks remain 100 percent watertight and why we provide a 25 year guarantee on the tanks.
Their light weight and low installation depth mean the drinking water tanks are easier to install than other containers. Filling gravel can be used as backfilling material. You can also undertake a range of work steps to make installation cheaper.

Please always use together with a VS 60 shaft extension and walkable or driveable tank cover (see “Accessories” under rainwater usage.)

Drinking water tanks are available in 6 sizes between 1500 and 10000 litres, colour black (see below of dimensions and weight).




Length Width Height Dome height Weight
1500 l  2130 mm 1100 mm 1200 mm     50 mm 60 kg
2600 l* 2400 mm 1360 mm 1590 mm 260 mm 90 kg
4300 l*   2290 mm 1900 mm 2205 mm 240 mm 140 kg
5200 l* 2400 mm  2010 mm 2250 mm 270 mm 160 kg
7600 l 2765 mm  2310 mm 2330 mm   80 mm 220 kg
10000 l 3400 mm 2310 mm 2330 mm   80 mm 340 kg


* with long moulded dome shaft

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