Retention Tank

For rainwater usage and storage





Usage: With increasing risks of flooding, many communities are looking for ways to control the rate of water discharged into the sewer network during periods of heavy rainfall. The Retention tank addresses this issue. This not only offers rainwater storage for reuse, but also a buffer volume which can be set at any level to control the release of water into the network. The Buffer Volume will empty over time leaving space for the next heavy downpour.


Function: The Tank has 2 sections. The lower portion is used as rainwater storage which is available for reuse in the garden or home. The upper portion is a buffer space. The floating throttle valve always stays at the same depth below the top of the water. Therefore water released from the buffer volume remains at a constant rate. The throttle valve can be pre-set at the desired flow rate and the position of the outlet pipe can be manufactured to the user’s specification to allow more or less buffer space as needed.


Example: Retention and Use of Rainwater – BlueLine II


Scope of Delivery: BLII tank, including throttle valve, Siphon complete with overflow, all ready for installation



Example: Retention and Use of Rainwater – F-LINE


 Scope of Delivery: F-LINE tank, including throttle valve, complete with overflow, all ready for installation


Don’t forget:
choose your shaft extension and tank cover (see “tank covers/shafts”).


Recommended accessory for all retention tanks: Maxi filter installed prior to of the tank inlet

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